Having trouble viewing this image?  Please enable pictures.  Weatherchem creates packaging innovations that build the recognition of new brands and strengthen the reputation of existing ones.

Market-Savvy Designs
Consumer's demands for quality, convenience and positive buying experience have never been greater.

  • Packaging must "pour it on" in terms of brand loyalty as well as product satisfaction.
  • Innovations such as LiquiFlapper ® deliver superior packages of all sizes and prices

Buyer-Focused Innovations
In challenging economic times, rigorous consumer testing is a given.

  • The First Moment of Truth is when the consumer takes the package from the shelf.
  • The Second Moment of Truth is when the consumer decides if the product delivered and whether it is worthy of loyalty.

Eco-Friendly Philosophy
Building sustainability into packaging is good business.

  • For consumers, buying "green" products is second only to recycling.
  • Weatherchem has designed its new LiquiFlapper closure to be 10% lighter than similar competitive products.
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